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Research Projects - InJUSTiceWar

The InJUSTiceWar " Crime and justice administration in the Portuguese colonial war (1961- 1974): exploratory analysis of the criminal proceedings against combatants of the Portuguese Armed Forces in Angola, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau", led by Professor Fátima Rodrigues, is underway at FDUP.

The research team is also composed by Professor Maria Leonor Esteves (Universidade Lusíada), Professor Ana Guerreiro (FDUP), Major Joaquim Cunha Roberto (Arquivo Histórico Militar - AHM), Professor Jorge Gracia (FDUP) and Professor Pedro Sousa (FDUP).

Through a document analysis focused on the criminal cases available at the AHM, the researchers will seek to understand how the crimes allegedly committed by combatants of the Portuguese Armed Forces were interpreted by the Territorial Military Courts of Angola, Mozambique, and Guinea throughout the colonial war (1961-1974).

This research project, funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology, runs until September 2024.