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Organisation - Departments

FDUP has a Department, the School of Criminology, which was a pioneer in Portugal in training and research on the criminal phenomenon, following the best international practices. You can get to know it better here.

School of Criminology

The School of Criminology is a subunit of the FDUP, whose functional structure is equivalent to that of a department. In accordance with the principles and guidelines defined by the Governing Bodies of the Faculty, the School aims to develop scientific activity, training and the provision of services to the community, within the scope of Criminology, in a theoretical and empirical perspective.

It is responsible for:

  • The organisation of training courses with high scientific quality, leading to the granting, by the U.Porto, of Bachelor, Master and PhD’s in Criminology;
  • The scientific research on the criminal phenomenon, through its "Interdisciplinary Research Centre on Crime, Justice and Security of the School of Criminology - Faculty of Law of the University of Porto (CJS)";
  • The participation in national and international Criminology research networks;
  • The provision of services framed within university extension programmes, namely in response to requests from entities within the Security System and the Justice System, from Central, Regional and Local Government, from teaching institutions and other public and private entities.