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Institutional - History

FDUP was founded in 1995, but its history begins to be written long before...


The creation of a law faculty at the University of Porto is proposed to the Chamber of Deputies by the Professor of Hygiene and Safety of the Faculty of Medicine, Professor Lopes Martins, at the time Minister of Education. The mindset of some representatives of the Nation produced comments like these: "What we need is bread, not higher education" (Francisco Cruz) or "We already have a large stock of bachelors" (Malva do Vale).

Proposal to the Chamber of Deputies


Luís Couto dos Santos draws up a preliminary project for a university district in the city of Porto, where, among the various Faculties planned, there is a Faculty of Law.


Preliminary project for the University Quarter of Porto


The Decree-Law establishing the creation of the FDUP is finalised and signed by Minister João de Deus Pinheiro. As the document is to be approved by the Council of Ministers, the Government was dissolved.


On 12 December 1991, the Senate votes unanimously and by acclamation to establish the FDUP

Deliberation of the Senate


On June 16 1994, the Dispatch granting legal existence to the FDUP is signed.

Signing of the Dispatch


In december 1995, the first lecture of the Law Course is taught, at the Campo Alegre University Centre.

1ª Aula FDUP


In march 1996, for the first time in Portugal, Criminology is taught by Professor Cândido da Agra.


The funcioning of the Master's Degree in Criminology awakens the desire to create a basic training on the science of crime. Thus, the Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and its regulations were created.

Approval of the creation of the Criminology degree course


In march 2004, after the restoration of the building, guided by the architect Domingos Tavares, FDUP moved to the majestic building on Rua dos Bragas.



In december 2020, marking FDUP’s 25th anniversary, the FDUP identifying lettering was placed on the building’s facade.


Banner: authorship of Artur Santos Leite