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Mobility - Study Abroad

FDUP across borders: come and venture into a mobility experience.

All students of the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto have the opportunity to participate in academic/scientific mobility programmes during their studies, which can enhance them, personally and professionally.

As a FDUP student, you can spend part of your course at a partner university, or do a traineeship virtually anywhere in the world, thanks to the hundreds of programmes and cooperation agreements to which our Faculty belongs:

It aims to support the creation of an European Higher Education Area, namely through the promotion of student mobility and exchange. With this program you can spend a study period in another eligible country. FDUP has several mobility agreements for student exchange in Universities in Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Sweden, among others.

It is a Portuguese mobility programme that allows the mobility of public university higher education students between Portuguese institutions. It offers you the possibility to perform a semester in another Portuguese university with academic recognition, which implies a prior agreement between the home institution and the host institution.

This exchange protocols are open to mobility in all study areas offered, at the same time, in the home institution and in the host institution. In this sense, FDUP maintains international cooperation protocols with several higher education institutions around the world, with special prevalence in the so-called Lusophone and Latin American countries.

How can I participate?

If you are interested in a mobility period, please contact the FDUP’s Exchange and Mobility Office in order to know the application procedures and eligibility criteria (contacts below).

You will be given access to the application form and support to fill it in, depending on your evaluation.

For additional information about the mobility opportunities promoted by the University, you can always contact U.Porto's International Relations Office.

FDUP’s Exchange and Mobility Office Coordinators:

  • Prof. Doutor André Lamas Leite
  • Prof. Doutora Rita Faria