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Agreements and Partnerships - Institutional

FDUP continuously seeks to strengthen its institutional relationships with several national and foreign entities. Here you can consult its most recent agreements and partnerships, as well as its objectives.

ENFAM – Escola Nacional de Aperfeiçoamento de Magistrados Ministro Sálvio de Figueiredo Teixeira

It aims at the implementation of joint and effective actions that ensure the realization of academic activities, related to teaching, research and extension of mutual interest of the both institutions.

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Associação Nacional de Jovens Advogados Portugueses

Carrying out initiatives aimed at young lawyers that may constitute added value in their professional affirmation.

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Kare College of Law of Goa University

Establishment of academic and scientific cooperation between the two Faculties, in the area of Law.


Instituto da Defesa Nacional

Consultancy, scientific research and training, in the areas included in the portfolio of services of the FDUP, with special focus on training.

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Abreu Advogados

Permanent collaboration, especially on training, publications, innovation, recruitment of trainees and sharing of ideas.

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Conselho Regional do Porto da Ordem dos Advogados

Strengthening relations and encouraging the academic progression of Lawyers and Trainee Lawyers registered at the Conselho Regional do Porto da Ordem dos Advogados

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Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Macau

Establishment of student exchange opportunities

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Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds

Development of methodologies for diagnosis, intervention and prevention of crimes against the environment.



Acquisition of legal event coverage services and access to several Datajuris publications.


Università di Verona / UNED

Establishment of the Interuniversity Research Centre on family and succession relations in Southern Europe.


Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de São Paulo

Academic cooperation in the field of Law, namely exchange of undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates, masters, PhDs and teachers.



Sharing of the legal acquis; commentary on legislation; mutual dissemination of the institutions as partners; mutual participation in activities promoted by each of the entities.