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Services for the Community - Cession of Spaces

In the heart of Porto, and considered a Monument of Municipal Interest, the majestic FDUP building offers several spaces, perfect for academic, scientific and cultural events.

All spaces have audiovisual equipment, meeting the needs of each event.

The cession of spaces is subject to the Faculty's academic agenda and may be onerous or free of charge.

Approximate capacity of 168 seats in the audience, 32 side seats and 35 seats in the balcony.

Salão Nobre

Approximate capacity for 152 seats

Anfiteatro 1.28

Approximate capacity for 150 seats .

Anfiteatro 1.01

Approximate capacity for 90 seats .

Salas grandes

Approximate capacity for between 20 and 80 seats .

Salas médias/pequenas

Onerous Cession

Onerous Cession - Cost by hour
Spaces U.Porto (1h / Half a Day / One Day) External entities (1h /Half a Day / One Day)

Main Hall

250€ / 600€ / 1000€

300€ / 720€ / 1200€


100€ / 300€ / 500€

120€ / 360€ / 600€

Large Rooms

65€ / 160€ / 300€

80€ / 195€ / 360€

Small Rooms

50€ / 140€ / 220€

60€ / 170€ / 265€


  • The aforementioned values will be subject to a 25% increase on Saturdays (between 8:15am and 1:45 pm).
  • In the case of public or private entities with which the Faculty has a cooperation protocol, a discount of up to 30% may be granted on the price.

Free Cession

  1. The free cession is intended for FDUP’s students or alumni and depends on a written request, to be submitted at least 8 working days before the date of use of the spaces:
    a) when the group is institutionally recognised, such as AEFDUP or AAAFDUP;
    b) for associations that aim to promote cultural, scientific, recreational, sports or exchange initiatives, considered relevant to the purposes pursued by the FDUP;
    c) for groups that carry out an activity that contributes to the purposes pursued by the FDUP;
  2. In any case, the beneficiary association or group shall:
    a) have an organised, known and publicised organic structure;
    b) have a defined object and purpose which contribute to the purposes pursued by the FDUP;
    c) appoint a responsible for the activity performed;
  3. In any case, the event to be held:
    a) must be of a scientific or cultural nature with relevance and interest to the purposes pursued by the FDUP;
    b) should be free of charge.
  4. The request must be accompanied by all the information that allows the verification of the aforementioned requirements.


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