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Photography Contest U.Porto Alumni around the World

The "Alumni U. Porto Around the World" competition aims to promote the image of the University of Porto worldwide, directly involving those who have been the protagonists of our University: the students who have chosen the U. Porto to study and who take the name of the U. Porto to other countries where they live, work or vacation.

By submitting their entry, participants guarantee that the photographs in the competition are their own and that their content does not infringe any copyright, related rights or industrial property rights of third parties.

In the case of photographs of people, entrants guarantee that they have prior written permission for their publication, reproduction and exhibition under the terms and conditions of this competition.

U.Porto is not responsible in any way for any legal violations that may result from non-compliance by the participants and reserves the right to immediately withdraw from the competition any photographs that are the subject of complaints from third parties.

Contest supported by Caixa Geral de Depósitos