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Be an ambassador

Being a U.PortoALUMNI Ambassador is an opportunity to be part of the success of the University of Porto (U.Porto) by promoting, disseminating and representing the institution to national and international contacts. It is also a way for U.Porto ALUMNI to show their appreciation for the skills they have acquired during their studies, both curricular and extracurricular, and their pride in belonging to the best university in the country.

Meet the current U.Porto ALUMNI Ambassadorsand find out how you can join this international network of excellence:

Who can become a U.Porto Alumni Ambassador

Any U.Porto alumnus or alumna, as well as foreign students who have spent a period of mobility at U.Porto.

What a U.Porto Alumni Ambassador can do

Each candidate for U.PortoALUMNI Ambassador must choose at least one of the ambassador profiles described below, according to their availability, experience and interest. The choice of a particular profile does not, however, preclude the implementation of actions associated with other areas of activity.

University ambassador abroad:

  • Establish a bridge between U.Porto and the local community in the country/city where you live or have lived;
  • Promote the image of U.Porto among employers, fostering collaboration and partnership in the areas of R&TD (research, development and innovation projects), employment (recruitment of graduates, internships or dissertations in a business environment) and entrepreneurship;
  • Help identify other U.Porto ALUMNI in the country/city where you live or have lived;
  • Establishing and promoting a network of contacts and communication with Portuguese students and/or researchers studying and/or working in the country/city where they live or have lived;
  • To be a point of contact to support the reception, welcoming and integration of new U.Porto students and graduates;
  • Develop a mentorship network to support the integration of final-year students into the job market and promote employment or internship opportunities;
  • Ambassador for events (national or international):
    • Designing and organizing events in their field in the city or country where they live;
    • Designing and organizing or supporting the organization of alumni meetings of a social and networking nature in the city or country where they live;
    • Promote events and activities organized and/or promoted by U.Porto to their network of contacts.

What are the advantages and benefits of becoming a U.Porto Alumni Ambassador?

The experience that these activities bring, combined of course with the personal satisfaction of contributing to building the future of your university, is the main benefit that comes from this collaboration. However, other benefits can be highlighted:O reconhecimento e visibilidade, pelo envolvimento no programa, através de referências nos meios de comunicação e da rede de divulgação da U.Porto.

  • Expanding the network of personal contacts and strengthening networking skills, particularly through contact with other ambassadors (national and international) from the ALUMNI network.
  • Sharing ideas and good practices.
  • The development of new organizational and social skills.
  • Curriculum enrichment.
  • How to become a U.Porto Alumni Ambassador.

I want to apply to be a U.Porto Ambassador. What should I do?

If you are an alumnus or alumna of U.Porto you should:

  1. Register/Update Personal Data ALUMNI U.Porto
  2. Join the "University of Porto ALUMNI" Linkedin Group
  3. Sign up as a "U.Porto Alumni Ambassador"

I want to apply to be a U.Porto Exchange Ambassador. What should I do?

If you have completed a period of mobility at U.Porto you must:

  1. Sign up as a "U.Porto Exchange Ambassador"
  2. Join the "University of Porto ALUMNI" Linkedin Group

For further information, please send an email to [email protected]