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Discovering the U.Porto Cultural Route

Do you know the Porto Planetarium? What about the Marques da Silva Foundation? Have you ever crossed the river to visit the Geophysical Institute? You'll have one of the most breathtaking views of Porto you've ever seen! The University is a place of culture. Come and find out why.

The University of Porto opens its doors and welcomes the entire alumni community. Promoting and enhancing the Academy's resources, these visits, organized by the U.Porto Alumni Center, allow former students and friends to meet, revisit special moments of shared memory, but also reinforce that experience. In this way, we will be strengthening the lifelong intellectual and emotional bond between former students and the University, i.e. their alma mater, but not only. We will also be creating new memories.

The guided tours are free for the entire U.Porto Alumni community and those accompanying them, although prior booking is compulsory. Registrations can be made from two months before the scheduled date of the visit, so only visits within this time frame will appear on the registration form, and the rest will be made available in good time. Visits have a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 20 participants.

If the minimum number of registrations is not reached, or if the weather conditions do not allow it, the visit may not take place.

Find out about the visits on the U.Porto Cultural Route and make sure you sign up now:


Página do Museu da FEUP

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Página da Casa dos Livros

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Página do Jardim Botânico do Porto

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Página do Instituto de Pernambuco

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Página da Casa Museu Abel Salazar

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Here's an invitation for everyone to join us on this adventure of shared knowledge. If you want to keep up with U.Porto's cultural initiatives, just check out the Casa Comum website and subscribe to its newsletter: Common House - cultural intervention.