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Support academic research

The world is constantly changing: our ecosystems, the global economy, the climate, technology, society. The ability to adapt to these changes (and take advantage of them) will depend on how smart we can be, how we work and how reliable the information we have and produce is.

The University of Porto (U.Porto) is determined to be at the forefront of meeting these challenges. We have always attracted the most talented students and our rigorous academic environment has always enabled them to achieve their potential. And we've always been at the forefront of some of the world's most extraordinary research.

But the way higher education is funded has changed significantly over the years and, like other universities, U.Porto is under constant pressure to produce more for less. That's why we're asking our ALUMNI to contribute, through scientific patronage, to helping us play our part in this accelerating transformation of the world, for the benefit of all.

By becoming a patron of U.Porto, or one of its schools, you are not only contributing to strengthening the quality of the University. You are also expressing your pride in having been one of our students.

Would you like to join our friends at U.Porto? Contact us at [email protected] and find out how you can help with our scientific sponsorship activities.