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U.Porto Generations

Different generations, the same university. These are the stories of men and women whose blood runs through U.Porto.

The University of Porto (U.Porto) is looking for families in which different generations have attended or are attending the University. This is how the "U.Porto Generations" project was born. These are stories of doctors, scientists, businessmen or architects whose careers have been followed by their children, grandchildren and other family members. They are stories of fathers and sons who shared the same classrooms. In 2017, in the month of its 106th anniversary, U.Porto has made known, every day, an extraordinary family that has passed through the corridors of this alma mater. The positive impact of this project on the University's alumni community culminated in the desire to extend this sharing far beyond the anniversary celebrations. And so the emotions continued. Let's get to know the stories of men and women who have U.Porto in their blood... These are the stories that have built this alma mater.

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