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About the Alumni

Have you recently finished a course at the University of Porto? Did you graduate several years ago but would like to keep in touch with your alma mater? Here you can find various tools and services that the University of Porto makes available to its network of former students (ALUMNI) to maintain their emotional connection. Express your pride at having been a student at this University and welcome to the University of Porto's ALUMNI Portal.

In building an interconnected career community based on collaboration and relationships, the U.Porto Alumni Community and the links that have been created between the University of Porto and all its lumniA students cannot be left out of the equation.
See the following links for more information on the U.Porto Alumni Community:

Join the Alumni community!

Join the strong and dynamic U.Porto Alumni community. Through the local services of the various U.Porto Faculties, you can get involved in the various activities and even find career opportunities. Above all, keep in touch with your alma mater.