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Would you like to connect with other students and alumni? The University of Porto offers access to an innovative platform for connecting with the U.Porto community - Connecting U.Porto, which aims to create a wide network of information and contact between U.Porto graduates, students, teachers and technicians.

Why use Connecting?

On this platform you can:

  • Share, if you are a graduate, ideas, events and/or recruitment and career opportunities for mid-senior level profiles;
  • Access information on new continuing education courses/various training offers so that you can explore other training paths and update your skills;
  • Access career opportunities that involve professional experience (job opportunities, internships, among others) promoted by U.Porto and by alumni;
  • Participate in mentoring programs as mentees (students can request spontaneous mentoring or apply to existing mentoring programs in the faculties) or as mentors (in the case of graduates). In the case of students, they receive professional mentoring and advice from senior professionals. Mentors have the opportunity to develop their skills and share their experience with students;
  • Meeting up with classmates and friends, learning about their career paths and remembering special moments through an effective communication channel;
  • Search for and contact alumni with different professional interests or working in different geographical areas (national and international);
  • Develop your network of contacts by making new connections and sharing ideas and experiences.

How do I access the Connecting U.Porto Platform?

Register on the Connecting U.Porto platform. It takes less than 5 minutes and you can import data from your LinkedIn profile.