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Volume 5, No. 1Visual Spaces of Change: Designing Interiority - shelter, shape, place, atmosphere

Published 1 December 2020


Issue description

Visual Spaces of Change defines the global theme for this cycle of Sophia which conveys the interest in promoting a critical analysis on how architecture photography,

empowered by its leaning and artistic grounding, is as a projective tool of an interdisciplinary nature and an instrument of research and analysis.

Designing Interiority - shelter, shape, place, atmosphere ensures the specificity of Sophia´s number that presents articles and other texts discussing the core of interiority in architecture as a matter open to diverse ideas and practices in the realm of built space to be experienced by its dwellers. Interiority to be argued as a dimension that differentiates a place of a non-place. How shelter, shape, place, atmosphere portray scenarios that enhance experiences, events, occurrences beyond the functionalistic rhetoric enveloping them.

ISSN 2183-8976 [Print] 2183-9468 [Online]

ISBN 978-989-54878-3-7
Volume 5, Issue 1 | Publication year: 2020

© The Authors. Published by scopio Editions. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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