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Sophia Journal


Each issue consists of the following parts:

Introduction and Editorial (Sophia editorial team):
Introduction to the issue.
Editorial by the guest editors.
Featured Texts or Projects (commissioned or invited authors):
Interviews, papers or projects commissioned by the Editorial Committee: presenting unpublished research work, critic or scientific activities in the fields of architecture, art and image.
Theoretical Papers (submitted manuscripts for peer review):
Articles submitted in response to the call for papers, presenting unpublished research work.
Visual Essays (submitted):
Visual essays submitted in response to the call for papers
Miscellany (submitted manuscripts):
Papers submitted whose content does not fit in the specific subject of the issue; visual essays and/or papers considered of interest; or papers that reply to others from previous issues.
Reviews (commissioned):
Critical reviews of publications, exhibitions and conferences in the field of architecture and image, written by a third person.

Sophia Journal is abstracted and indexed