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Sophia Journal

Copyright Terms

Copyright on the articles and visual essays published in Sophia is held by their Author(s). In order to publish in Sophia, Authors agree to license their work under a CC BY NC-ND 4.0 International license, granting usage rights. Please refer to our Open Access Policy and Licensing Terms section (here).

Furthermore, Authors agree to grant Sophia Journal and scopio Editions rights of first publication, allowing these to identify themselves as the original publisher. Authors also grant Sophia Journal and scopio Editions non-exclusive commercial rights to produce hardcopy volumes of Sophia for sale to libraries and individuals.

Authors who enter into other non-exclusive agreeements for the distribution of their work (such as its deposit in a digital archive, or publication in a monograph) may do so provided that the first publication in Sophia Journal by scopio Editions is acknowleged.


Author Self-Archiving Policy

Sophia recommends that Authors publish their articles and/ or visual essays on their personal websites, as well as in institutional repositories (provided they mention its first publication in Sophia Journal by scopio Editions), as a way to foster the circulation and exchange of knowledge as widely as possible, in the spirit of the open access movement.