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Sophia Journal


Sophia Journal is an academic, open access, peer-reviewed journal, published by the Centre for Studies in Architecture and Urbanism (CEAU) - Research group Architecture, Art, and Image (AAI) at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Porto, Portugal (FAUP), in collaboration with the association Cityscopio and their publishing imprint scopio Editions.

Created in 2016, Sophia Journal publishes theoretical articles and visual essays that investigate and think critically the intersections between the image and architecture. We understand both terms in a wide sense: the image of photography, painting, drawing, cinema, video, T.V., new media; architecture as landscape, territory, city, spatiality, built environment.

The etymology of the word “sophia” is related to the concepts of sapience and wisdom: (Greek Σοφία, sofía) it is what the “wise person” has, and from this word derives also philo+sophia (“love of wisdom”). Our aim is that Sophia Journal provides an “instrumenta mentis”, enabling critical and innovative questioning and extending our speculative knowledge about architecture in its relationship with the image, and about the image in its relationship with architecture.

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Current Issue

Volume 6, No. 1Visual Spaces of Change: photographic documentation of environmental transformations

Published 1 December 2021

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Issue description

Visual Spaces of Change defines the global theme for this cycle of Sophia which conveys the interest in promoting a critical analysis on how architecture photography, empowered by its leaning and artistic grounding, is as a projective tool of an interdisciplinary nature and an instrument of research and analysis.

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