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Volume 3, No. 1Crossing Borders, Shifting Boundaries: Image, Body and Territory

Published 1 December 2018


Issue description

Crossing Borders, Shifting Boundaries defines the global theme for this cycle of Sophia which conveys the interest in promoting a critical analysis on how image is a medium that, on the one hand, can cross borders and shift boundaries between different subjects and disciplines.

Image, Body and Territory ensures the specificity of Sophia´s number that presents articles and other texts focused in unfolding the processes of thought present in photographic, filmic, or other works engaged with image and image making, that explore the notions of Body and Territory or use them as their own expressive matters. Diverse aspects are explored as, for example, Peirce’s notion of index, or how certain contemporary gazes can be linked to the New Topographics landscape aesthetics.

ISSN 2183-8976 [Print] 2183-9468 [Online]

ISBN 978-989-54318-1-6
Volume 3, Issue 1 | Publication year: 2018

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