Intellectual Output 1 // Report

Online resources, including type of information and content,
to improve digital skills in Older Adults

Output Description

In this intellectual output, a revision of existing online resources dedicated to improve digital skills will be performed, at regional, national, European and international level. The final report will include programs in which their efficacy in terms of digital skills’ improvement in old adults was evaluated. This revision will be performed using different databases. After selection of the documents, a revision of its contents will be done, with particular emphasis to the type of information and content released, the instruments used to evaluate their impact, and the results obtained in terms of digital skills improvements. At the end of this revision, a final report will be written on online resources best practices dedicated to improve digital skills in older adults. This report will be used by the partnership to develop the web site information/educational materials. Moreover, this report will be disseminated and published in a reference journal, as well as in the ICTSkills4All platform.

Output Type Studies / Analysis; Best practices guidelines

Activity Leading Organisation Cybermoor Services Ltd.

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