Intellectual Output 5 // Training scheme

Piloting and analysis of results learning programs

Output Description

In this intellectual output, pilot’s studies will be run in order to evaluate and compare two inperson approaches to improve digital skills in older adults, intergenerational and peer-topeer. These pilots will be built using the educational materials developed in the O4 intellectual output. These pilots will be run in 4 partnership countries – Portugal, Poland, Latvia and UK, in a total of 4 intergenerational and 4 peer-to-peer pilots, one by country. The impact of these pilots on digital skills, as well as in attitudes towards ICT will be evaluated in older adults participants, at the beginning and at the final stage of pilots. In the intergenerational pilots, the attitudes towards ageing will also evaluated in the young group of participants. Qualitative evaluation of pilots will also be performed in all pilot participant groups, in order to collect information that can be helpful to improve educational material and schedule of the in-person approaches. Based on the results of in-person pilots, final changes in the educational material and sections will be done in accordance with suggestions of all pilots’ participant groups. Comparisons between the two approaches, intergenerational and peer-to-peer, in order to include this information in recommendations for transferability of ICTskills4All results (intellectual output O6). Moreover, a pilot evaluation of online platform and tools will be also run in the 4 countries in order to evaluate its impact in terms of ICT skills in order adults.

Output Type Course/curricullum – Training scheme

Activity Leading Organisation U.Porto & Porto4Ageing

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