About Cybermoor

Cybermoor (CYB) is a social enterprise located in Alston, in the North Pennines – UK. The remoteness of the community lead to the establishment of Cybermoor in 2002, providing training, broadband and PCs to improve access to services and overcome isolation. In 2007, Cybermoor established the Alston Healthcare project, which focused on developing telehealth and telemedicine services for the local community, in conjunction with the local community hospital and medical practice. This lead to successful telehealth projects with local residents. We work with other NGOs to recruit test users for projects and have also carried out usability testing. The team have been involved in other projects supported by the European Commission and this has provided a good understanding of partnership working.

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The Team

Daniel Heery

Daniel Heery has many years working in social enterprises in various roles. He originally established Cybermoor in 2002 and has lead a number of projects to develop ICT skills with elderly people and co-designing services. He is a board member of Community Broadband Network (CBN) and Independent Networks Cooperative Association (INCA).

Sue Gilbertson

Sue Gilbertson carries out community engagement, research and usability testing for Cybermoor. She works with public sector clients to test their out websites and identify potential improvements. Based in Alston, she works with the local community and has assisted in the delivery of telehealth projects targeting elderly people. Sue also managed the basic ICT skills training programme at Cybermoor.

Rachel Hardy

Rachel Hardy is a project officer focused on researching online resources and co-ordinating activities with Cybermoor’s partners from the public, private and 3rd sectors. She also carries out fieldwork associated with projects and community engagement.