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Content analysis and critical thinking – An Assessment Study

Date and time
Wednesday, 21 January 2015, starting at 11:00AM CET – WATCH THIS WEBINAR

Antonella Poce
Antonella POCE
Researcher and lecturer in experimental pedagogy. University Roma Tre, Italy

Background and Summary
New skills such as non-routine analytical skills, problem solving and inquiry based learning are needed by every individual throughout their education in facing the needs for innovation and growth that society today demands (OECD, 2010, theme 2, p. 5).
A project carried out at University Roma Tre constructed a model to increase critical thinking skills and ways how to evaluate them. The project principally aimed to assess the hypothesis that, in providing further cultural insights according to well-defined models on which to undertake guided discussions coordinated by an experienced tutor, the critical thinking skills of students involved increase. This was made possible through the development of an ad hoc online module, Critical thinking skills and reading of the classics, available to students in Education (Faculty of Education Sciences) since the academic year 2011/2012. In order to assess their critical thinking skills, the students’ written productions were treated with a lexicometric analysis using the Taltac software, and with content analysis, through adaptation of the Newman, Webb and Cochrane (1997) model. Obtained results will be presented during this webinar [more information].

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