Web-based tool

The TALOE web-based tool is developed with aim to help teachers decide on the e-assessment strategies and better relate the learning outcomes with assessment methods.

The webtool is building on an existing model for the Alignment of Learning Outcomes and Assessment, the ALOA model, which uses the revised version of Bloom’s Taxonomy to establish the link between the learning outcomes (LOs) and the following six categories of the general assessment methods each with subcategories:

  • multiple choice questions
  • essays questions
  • problem solving questions
  • practical work questions
  • short- answer questions
  • reflective practice assignments

The ALOA conceptual model was used to match specific e-assessment methods to specific learning outcomes. The web tool consists of the matrix which is aligning the six categories of the cognitive process dimension and relative cognitive processes with the six general categories.

The best assessment methods are selected on the base of the absolute number of matches between input (LO) and the assessment methods (EA). The assessment methods selected on the basis of the score – calculated as the ratio between the number of matches between input – and the model assessment over the number of the selection of the assessment method.

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To see how to use the webtool check the video tutorial available in the “Help” menu.