ALOA model

The TALOE web-tool is building on an existing model for the Alignment of Learning Outcomes and Assessment, the ALOA model, which uses the revised version of Bloom’s Taxonomy to establish the link between the learning outcomes (LOs) and the following six categories of the general assessment methods each with subcategories: multiple choice questions, essays, problem solving, practical work, short- answer questions and reflective practice assignments.

The final list of these methods was obtained from literature research. It was considered that the list includes most assessment methods but it is assumed that there are assessment tasks that might not easily be included in these categories. 

When the teacher will use the TALOE web tool, the results will suggest general assessment methods that can be used for the learning outcomes inserted by the teacher. After the integration, the web tool will provide the general assessment methods and the corresponding suggestions of e-assessment practices.

One of the activities defined for the project is a document that include an extension of the ALOA model with the e-assessment component. Each e-assessment practices collected was classified and analysed using the standard tools of the model. The final document is being used by WP4 (Web-based platform for e-assessment) to design the e-assessment component of the web-based platform.

You can consult the final deliverable of this activity: WP 3.02 ‐ ALOA model with integration of e‐assessment practices [PDF]