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Introduction and Editorial

Vol. 2 No. 1 (2017): Crossing Borders, Shifting Boundaries: Photography and Architecture






I am very pleased to introduce the 2nd number of Sophia[1] from the series Crossing Borders, Shifting Boundaries, with the theme “Photography and Architecture” coming from our 4th edition of the international conference On the Surface, being the Guest Editor for this number Iñaki Bergera.

This international conference has proved to be an important forum for debate and reflection about Photography and Architecture, whose work can be accessed through the platform and in scopio Editions publications as scopio Magazine, Cityzines, Debates, or the catalogue On the Surface: Public Space and Architectural Images in Debate.

SCOPIO Editions had already integrated and given support to several congresses and it is the official publisher of the 4th edition of On the Surface: Photography and Architecture, publishing 3 selected reviewed papers and two articles of invited authors on this 2nd number of Sophia Journal.

The 4th edition of this international congress aimed to promote a global critical analysis around the theme of Crossing Borders and Shifting Boundaries, exploring how image is a medium that, on the one hand, can cross boarders and shift boundaries between different subjects and disciplines where image and photography are present in a significant way. On the other hand, in what ways image and photography are used as critical instruments to understand how architecture is transformed, how it reflects different hybrid cultural identities in many countries, regions or places and how all of this interacts with and affects our cities.

We believe that this congress has contributed for a growing interest awareness and reflection upon Architecture, Art and Image (AAI) and specifically to Documentary and Artistic Photography in regards to its conception as an instrument to question Architecture, City and Territory. This means, understanding Architecture as an extended discipline and practice with an interest, on one side, in the physical space and its experiences, exploring new spatial forms and architectural codes, and on the other side, on how architecture operates within larger systems: socio-cultural, technical, and historical. Then, likewise understanding the potential of both the documentary and artistic universe of photography for building a critical and innovative view of contemporary and past architecture.
As well as believing that the worlds of architecture and photography are enriched if photography is not just focused on objectivating and documenting buildings and spaces, as as a direct emanation from the real, but also on creating a new understanding and reality based on a subjective artistic gaze.



  1. The etymology of the word “sophia” is closely linked to the concepts of sapience and wisdom: (Greek Σοφία, “sofía”) it is what the “wise person” has, and this word is also derived from philo+sophia (“love of wisdom”).