A 16ª Edição do IJUP ocorreu de 10 a 12 de maio de 2023, na Reitoria da Universidade do Porto.


Comunicações Orais

Margarida Teixeira | Edible flowers rich in anthocyanins: Stability and bioaccessibility of an emerging, healthier and sustainable diet

Pedro Nadais | Unveiling the role of proline in plants exposed to glyphosate


André Alves | Assessment of soil health in the vicinity of a Au/Sb Mine

Helena Monteiro | Major climate changes during key glacial terminations in the North Atlantic Region

João Oliveira | A safe and targeted approach to developing specific bio-pesticides: identification of essential genes in the invasive pest red palm weevil (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus)

Sara Lourenço | Marine micro-debris ingestion and biological effects in wild fish (Trisopterus luscus) from the North East Atlantic Ocean

Vasco Reis | Physical and chemical characterization of the calcium difluoride sludge heap from a phosphate processing plant (NORM site)

Comunicações Orais

Elayne Spencer Barbosa | Cape Verde, “10 graozinho di terra”: memory, identity and strategies of the house in Ribeira Brava


Ana Capela | The Contribution of Memory in the recognition of Identity: stories, testimonies and sharing as Living Voices of Porto School

Comunicações Orais

Inês Vales | Falsification of importances: The Image-Word opposition in relation to Jaques Rancière’s “The Emancipated Spectator”


Raquel Clemente | The Design of Book Covers: graphic analysis between translations and reprints of the author Haruki Murakami

Comunicações Orais

Ana Sofia Ramos | Host -mycobacteria interactions: Who will claim the iron throne?

Bernardo Pinto | Sans Glomeruli: the recurrent origin of aglomerular kidneys in teleosts

Bruno Santos | Combined and individual toxicity of glyphosate and copper in tomato plants (Solanum lycopersicum L.)

Maria Mendes-da-Silva | Improvement of aging hallmarks through mitotic epigenetic bookmarking

Tiago Lourenço | Can atorvastatin and 17α-ethinylestradiol disrupt lipid pathways in brown trout?


Ana Ventura Bravo | Development of high-order mutants for Arabinogalactan Proteins and further functional characterization

Carlos Moreira | Studying the antiviral activity of synthetic compounds against SARS-CoV-2 infection

Carolina Macieira | The dietary niche of the European otter in areas invaded and non-invaded by the signal crayfish in the NW of Portugal

Daniela Gomes-Andrade | Atrazine impairs the nutritional support of spermatogenesis by suppressing glycolysis of mouse Sertoli cells

Helena Ramos | Exploring the toxicity of environmental and food contaminants on neuronal cells

Inês Pinto | Molecular mechanisms underlying robust MPS1/TTK activation

Luís Campos | Genetic structure of the red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) in Portugal

Raquel Martins | A new approach about the leaves of Solanum betaceum Cav: chemical composition and multimodal effect in the management of inflammatory events

Rita G. Bessa | Tension-driven axon elongation triggers cytoskeleton remodelling

Comunicações Orais

José Silva | Development of superoxide anion sensing compounds based on chemiluminescent coelenterazine

Nuno Sousa Dias | Electron correlation in aromatic molecules: Analysis of conjugation in naphthalene and fluorene derivatives

Susana Araújo | Simultaneous purification and quantification of organic nanoparticles loaded with small molecules using hydrodynamic-based separation and light scattering detection


Ana Rita Gaspar | New chalcone-kojic acid hybrids with potential antityrosinase activity

Ana Silva | Electrochemical biosensing of ANP using MIPs as receptors

Bárbara Sampaio | Design and synthesis of proline mimetic amphiphiles as potential transdermal drug delivery systems

Roberto Pinto | New antidotes for Bothrops asper venom: study of PLA2 protein

Comunicações Orais

Marta Pereira de Sousa | The role of social media as perpetuation mechanisms of victim blaming and slut-shaming – an empirical study


Victoria Sousa Silva | Life trajectories in drug dealing: foreign and gypsy ethnicity women prisoners

Comunicações Orais

Patrícia Monteiro | Portugal and Germany: Economic relationship during World War II (1939-1945)

Comunicações Orais

Catarina Lopes | Development of a knee positioning system for X-ray environment

Pedro Sousa | Conditional AI-based generation of diffusion MRI images

Vítor Gonçalves | An algorithm using an envelope spectrum analysis for Out-of-Roundness detection in railway wheels


Daniela D’Orey Leal | Recycling polyurethane and thermoplastic urethane waste from external prostheses for the manufacture of filaments for 3D printing

Gustavo Bongiovi | Assessing OPEX costs at hydropower plants: A path for efficiency and decarbonization

Marisa Gomes | Recycled construction and demolition waste in landfill cover systems: inclined plane shear resistance of interfaces with geosynthetics

Vasco Rodrigues | Mechanical characterization of a novel silane based polyurethane hybrid flexible adhesive

Comunicações Orais

Ana Catarina Costa | Understanding the role of extracellular vesicles derived from mutant KRAS colorectal cancer cells on T-cell activation and exhaustion

Ana Catarina Sousa | Interactions between microorganisms and siderophores for biocontrol of fish pathogens in aquaculture industry

Inês Castro-Almeida | T(AHR)getting the AHR: mapping the road of a xenobiotic sensor, from disease to a therapeutic target

Inês Costa | New mitochondria-targeted hydroxycinnamic and hydroxybenzoic acids derivatives as innovative agents for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease

João Morais | Targeting BRCA-1-mediated DNA repair in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma therapy

Maria Botelho | Characterization of inflammatory pathways and fibrosis in human endometriosis

Mariana Ribeiro | Development and characterization of mycobacterial biofilm models to study drug susceptibility

Raquel Raínho | Content validity of a patient reported experience measure for patients with rheumatoid arthritis in Portugal


Ana Rita Monteiro | New P-glycoprotein activators as potential small molecules for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

Ânia Gomes | Lipid metabolism in iron overloaded mice adipose tissue

Bárbara Ferreira | Establishment of a 3D multi-layered intestinal inflammation model

Beatriz Rodrigues | Transgenerational high-fat diet mouse model shows elevated expression of obesity-related genes and impaired mitochondrial performance in seminal vesicles

Francisco Teixeira | Does allergic rhinitis induce structural and behavioural changes in the male rat brain?

Mafalda Magalhães | From farm-to-fork: occurrence of persistent multidrug-resistant and copper-tolerant Klebsiella pneumoniae clones in poultry farms

Mariana Nascimento | Finding a link between S100B and Transthyretin, two proteins with anti-aggregation properties against Aβ peptide

Nuno Ribeiro | The impact of IFNγ-mediated endothelial cell activation for the progression of the mycobacterial granuloma

Rafaela Nogueira | Addressing a Gut-Skin Axis that underlies the mechanism associated with the pathogenicity of Crohn’s Disease and Hidradenitis suppurativa

Vítor Dias | Microtubule dynamics and axonal transport are impaired in Transthyretin Amyloid Polyneuropathy

Comunicações Orais

Clarisse Rangel Pamplona | The Art of Forgery

Inês de Sousa | Spoils of the past: The role of memory in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict

Sara Brandão | Embroider the poem, conquer identity – a study of love handkerchiefs as a sign of feminine affirmation


Bárbara Barros | Thematic routes as an institutional science communication strategy: The GreenUPorto’s case study

Rui Ferreira | Difficulty in accessing housing in the parish of São Mamede de Infesta and Senhora Hora

Comunicações Orais

Francisco Pimenta | Analytical solutions for cosmic superstrings evolution: Preliminary results

Joana Teixeira | Intelligent Optical Tweezers for high-throughput applications


Patrícia Soares | Water-Evaporation-Induced Generator with bio-waste activated carbon

Rodrigo Pereira | Spectral Curves and Moduli Spaces of Higgs Bundles

Comunicações Orais

Filipa Miranda | How context and children’s characteristics promote the child’s right to participation

Isabel Rasteiro | Do writing motivational beliefs feed off each other and predict writing performance? A cross-lagged approach in middle grades


Willian Souza | The importance of epistemological reflection in the pedagogical act: Pedagogical paradigms in light of the UNESCO report on the Futures of Education

Comunicações Orais

Andrea Bezerra | Bone site-dependent responsiveness to swimming exercise in male Wistar rats

Maria Madalena Moreira | Fear of failure in competitive sports among youth athletes: A study on the role of self-control and coping


Luana Domingues | Can an inter-task verbal feedback change breaststroke kinematics and efficiency at a sprint pace?