A 12ª Edição do IJUP ocorreu de 13 a 15 de fevereiro de 2019, na Reitoria da Universidade do Porto.


Comunicações Orais
Ana Isabel Köch de Oliveira
15166 | Monitoring the nutritional quality of tomatoes during shelf life after a post-harvest treatment with calcium chloride
Ivo Filipe Magalhães Pinto
15387 | ReDEFine – Evaluation of Aguieira’s Albufeira Water Quality: in addition to the Water Framework Directive
Comunicações por Poster
Inês Patrícia Machado Costa
15508 | Assessment of the relationship between the Deposition of Inert Waste in the recovery of a quarry, and the Qualitative State of Groundwater

Comunicações Orais
Jorge Manuel da Silva Reis
15121 | Manuel Botelho. Houses.

Comunicações Orais
Bruno Vitorino Silva Aguiar
15197 | The Migration of Images: From King David Musician to Saint John Coltrane
Comunicações por Poster
Mariana Oliveira Braga de Morais
15490 | Credulous map, Woman artist, Cruel reality

Comunicações Orais
Ana Filipa Moreno Contente Costa
14997 | Too warm for the sea urchin? The effect of temperature on the metabolism and fitness of the European purple sea urchin, Paracentrotus lividus
João Vasco de Almeida Pessanha Côrte-Real
15126 | Establishment of a human model of intervertebral disc degeneration and associated immune response
Luís Filipe Costa Póvoas
14977 | Allergens expression in Betula pendula pollen under atmospheric pollution influence
Comunicações por Poster
Daniela Ferreira Melo
15375 | Impact of glutathione peroxidase and catalase inhibition on oxidative stress modifications of erythrocyte membrane
Hugo Miguel Carvalho Glória
15185 | Seeking for new p53-activating agentes
Mafalda Araújo Pereira
14984 | HOXB genes function in Breast Cancer
Sónia Filipa Ribeiro Guerra
15376 | Evaluation of anti-Leishmania and anti-trypanosomal potential of an optimized library derived from an active lead compound.
Teresa Alexandra Vidal Pinheiro Coimbra
15340 | Exploring zinc deficiency response mechanisms to induce zinc biofortification in plants

Comunicações Orais
Alexandre Ricardo Vieira Pinto
15108 | A Theoretical study on SWCNT End-Functionalization: Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonds as a Molecular Gate
Ana Rita Adelino Franco
15198 | The application of click chemistry in the synthesis of new potential antifouling chalcones
Ana Rosa Moreira da Silva
15313 | Determination of antibiotics in water using digital image colorimetry
Comunicações por Poster
Mariana Nobre Romanholo
15307 | Marine nature as a source for cancer therapy: xanthone loaded fucoidan/chitosan nanoparticles
Rita Prata Barbedo Magalhães
15041 | Development of Specialized Virtual Screening Protocols for Inhibition of Quorum Sensing

Comunicações Orais
Alexandra Caetano Domingues
15149 | The foreigners’ right to Social Integration Income
Joana Santos Gomes
15068 | Analysis of the religiosity effects on criminal behavior

Comunicações Orais
Daniela Ribeiro Rodrigues
14966 | The impact of (opportunity and necessity) entrepreneurship on economic growth: Does human capital matter?

Comunicações Orais
Miguel António Palma dos Santos Sozinho Ramalho
15152 | Incremental Tensor Factorization for Recommender Systems
Rodrigo Alberto de Jesus Ferreira
15446 | Few-cycle laser for real-time nanomedicine research: towards innovative anti-cancer therapy
Comunicações por Poster
Paulo Jorge Afonso da Rocha
15483 | Potential of Lithium Mining in Portugal

Comunicações Orais
Cristina Maria Ferreira Almeida
15180 | Non-steroidal aromatase inhibitors for hormone-dependent breast cancer: a virtual screening approach
Joana Inês Costa Oliveira
15241 | Extracellular Vesicles secreted by Dendritic Cells can recruit Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells: the impact of bone injury
Maria João Maia Azevedo
15172 | Disinfection of Alginate Impressions – demystifying paradigms among oral healthcare professionals.
Marília Magalhães de Sousa
15017 | Opioid receptor signalling pathways in a pain facilitatory area of brain upon cessation of chronic opioid treatment
Pedro Miguel Pinto Basto Alves
15006 | High-throughput cell-in-gel microarray platform for the analysis of cell behaviour in 3D matrices
Sofia Ferreira Melo
15481 | 3D printing of poly(ε-caprolactone)/carbon-based nanofiller composite scaffolds for antimicrobial biomedical applications
Comunicações por Poster
Ana Sofia de Castro Brandão
15469 | T cell polarization influences the development of IBD-associated neoplasia
Elisabete Oliveira Teixeira
15115 | Characterization of the genetic profile of a consecutive series of papillary thyroid carcinomas
Filipa Fonseca
15322 | Establishment of bioengineered glucose-responsive nanoparticles for type 1 diabetes mellitus therapy
Márcia Isabel Mesquita Peixoto
15222 | Dissecting the niche for haematopoietic stem cells expansion at the developing haematopoietic system – foetal liver crossroads

Comunicações Orais
Caio Ferraz Sampaio
15293 | Understanding the Role Video Games may play in the Future of Journalism
Carlos Rogério Sousa e Silva
15058 | Stress and weight in Portuguese: married or divorced?
Comunicações por Poster
Miguel Baptista Miranda Correia
14970 | The modus operandi of the writer or an underlying theory about the literary creation: analyzing Edgar Allan Poe’s The Philosophy of Composition

Comunicações Orais
Gil Miguel Marques
15359 | Advection of passive particles by viscous point vórtices
Tiago João Lopes Leal
15043 | Local Probing (Ca)n+1(Mn)n(O)3n+1 Naturally Layered Perovskite

Comunicações Orais
Ismael Cerqueira Vieira
14972 | Contexts, paths and effects of the practices of the U.Porto Pedagogical Innovation Office
João Pedro Nunes Ramos
15414 | The Role of Social Environment in Pathways to Recovery: a Scoping Review
Comunicações por Poster
Ana Marisa Marinho da Costa Machado
15404 | Assessing potential in organizational context: an interview-based approach

Comunicações Orais
Ana Margarida da Silva Cardoso Lopes
15099 | Adding protein to a carbohydrate beverage ingested before exercise does not alter oxygen consumption and blood metabolic parameters – A randomized double-blind study in middle-distance runners
Tiago da Silva Oliveira
15492 | Biophysical characterization of the 5000 m front crawl in open water swimming
Comunicações por Poster
João Pedro Ferreira Araújo
15514 | The visual search behaviour of U14 basketball players of different competitive levels