George Sandeman

Sogrape Vinhos SA, Rua 5 de Outubro, 4527,4430-809 Avintes, Portugal ([email protected])

Board Member with responsibility for the Institutional Representation of Sogrape Vinhos. Having worked in all areas of the wine sector, today maintains an important institutional role in the European and National wine sector. President of Wine in Moderation Aisbl at Brussels has an active part in the Wine Sector program to defend a sustainable culture of wine and encourage moderate/responsible wine consumption. Vice President of CEEV-Comité Vins (Chairman of the Social Aspects Committee). President of ACIBEV, Wine & Spirits Association of Portugal. Member of the Consulting Counsel of Vine and Wine Institute and Chancellor of Port Wine Brotherhood.

Communication Abstract

Title: Wine in Moderation – a work of cultural sustainability

Abstract: The Wine in Moderation program, launched in 2008, has grown to be the recognized action of social responsibility contributing to a sustainable culture of wine around the world. Based in Europe, the program has been expanded to wine producing countries in Latin America and is spreading across the world. Promoting the principle that wine should be enjoyed in moderation and with knowledge, the program promotes a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise.