• Alexandre Quintanilha

      Alexandre Quintanilha ICBAS and IBMC.INEB

      Prof. Alexandre Tiedtke Quintanilha (IBMC) completed his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics in 1972. He spent the next two decades at U.C. Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as professor of cell physiology and director of a Centre for Environmental Studies. He moved to the University of Porto as professor of biophysics at the Biomedical Faculty and, until very recently, director of both the IBMC and INEB. He is currently implementing a consortium of the three major biomedical research institutions in Porto.

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    • Bruce Lewenstein

      Bruce Lewenstein Cornell University

      Dr. Bruce V. Lewenstein is a widely-known authority on public communication of science and technology–how science and technology are reported to the public and how the public understands controversial scientific issues and "emerging technologies" such as biotechnology and nanotechnology. Trained as a historian of science, he often uses historical case studies in his research. He has also done extensive work evaluating "citizen science" outreach projects, in which citizens fully participate in the scientific process by gathering, entering, and sometimes analyzing scientific data. Professor L...

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    • Morgan Meyer

      Morgan Meyer Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée

      Morgan Meyer is a lecturer at Agro ParisTech and an associate researcher at INRA. He holds a master in biology, a PhD in sociology and he has been a postdoc at the Department of Sociology at the University of Sheffield and at the Centre for the Sociology of Innovation at Mines ParisTech. He has recently been an invited professor at the University of Vienna and a bright ideas visiting fellow at the University of Edinburgh. His current research focuses on two themes: the spaces and practices of ‘knowledge brokering’ and the boundaries of science; the emergence, governance ...

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