The roots of the Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto – FEUP (Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto) go back to 1837, when the Academia Polytechnica was created in Porto, replacing the early Nautical School (Aula Náutica), where the teaching of Engineering in Portugal had its origins in 1765.

The name Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto appeared in 1930 for the first time, when the organisation of several Engineering courses was settled by governmental decree.

In 1988, with the publication of the law on University Autonomy, the Faculty of Engineering was able to vote its first statute where its administrative, financial and pedagogic autonomy was sanctioned.

The Faculty of Engineering is the largest Faculty of the University of Porto and has a significant autonomy. With 90,000 square meters of campus, FEUP has excellent infrastructures, including 9 departments that serve a community of approximately 7000 students.

FEUP enjoys a very strong reputation all over the country, namely among its prospective students, and typically accepts just a percentage of the candidates that apply each year. The dense network of international cooperation is another of its assets.

FEUP pays strong attention to the Bologna process and is renewing its educational programmes accordingly, taking into account positions of many stakeholders in Portugal and abroad, opinions expressed by international organisations such as FEANI, CLAIU and CESAER, and European Union documents such as the 2005 directive, dated September 25th, recognising professional qualifications.

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FEUP’s Mission is: international high level professional engineering education and training, sustained by expert R&D with local focus but recognised quality at global level, comprising a strong scientific, technical, ethical and cultural basis.