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UPBE has one research centre: the Centre for Economics and Finance of the University of Porto (CEF.UP), appraised and funded by FCT, the Portuguese national research grant agency, and one knowledge transfer centre: Center for Business Inovation (CBI).

cef.up is an independent research center, whose mission is to carry out theoretical and empirical research in the fields
of Economics and Finance. It was established in 2009 with the purpose of creating at the University of Porto an attractive
and supportive research environment for faculty, students and visitors doing research in the center’s core fields, as well
as to inform the public policy debate helping grounding it in the evidence produced by careful and independent research
and to disseminate the results of the research to a wider audience in the private and public sectors.
cef.up sponsors the PhD Programme in Economics and the PhD Programme in Business and Management Studies,
organizes research seminars, publishes one working paper series, manages a data center, sponsors a visitors’ programme,
and organizes scientific meetings. Together with NIPE at the University of Minho, cef.up implemented one ranking of academic
research carried out by Portuguese researchers or researchers based in Portugal.

The Center for Business Innovation [CBI] works on innovation through three key areas: Education, Entrepreneurship and Applied Research and Consulting. It seeks to identify signals, trends and drivers to illustrate how changes in today’s world can transform tomorrow. It aims to define future-oriented perspectives to stimulate, guide and inspire innovation, strategic planning and critical decision-making. To anticipate change, it seeks to equip people and businesses with the skills and resources to question, challenge the status quo, test assumptions, rethink opportunities and redefine goals.