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UPBE’s educational programme offer covers all levels
of undergraduate and graduate education in Economics
and Management, including continuing specialized education.

The degree programmes – Bachelors, Masters and PhDs
– are framed within the Bologna Process, which aims to facilitate student and staff mobility and make higher education more inclusive, accessible, attractive and competitive worldwide.

Bachelor Degrees

UBPE has 2 Bachelor programmes, one in Economics and one in Business Administration. The Bachelor in Economics includes core, comprehensive disciplines in Theoretical Economics and Applied Economics, but also in Management, Mathematics, Law and Social Sciences.

The Bachelor in Business Administration provides a sound training in the various areas of Management Science, but also in Economics, Mathematics, Law and Social Sciences. Students enrolled in this programme may apply for the dual degree programme with the University of São Paulo, Brazil, one of the most prestigious universities in Latin America.

Bachelor in Economics
Bachelor in Business Administration

Master Degrees

UPBE has 16 Master programmes: 4 pre-experience MSc programmes and 12 specialized MSc programmes.
Pre-experience masters are intended mainly to newly graduates, in Economics and Management, with little or no work experience.
The specialization Masters (MSc) are targeted to graduates in Economics, Management and other fields, with or without professional experience, who wish to complete their training, or to update their competences in a specialized area.

There are 5 double degree agreements in the master’s programmes – 2 under the Master in Finance and 3 under the Master
in Management – allowing students to obtain two diplomas from top schools.

Pre-experience Masters
Master in Economics (taught in English)
Master in Economics of Business and Strategy (taught in English)
Master in Finance (taught in English)
Master in Management (taught in English)

Specialization Masters
Master in Accounting and Management Control (taught in portuguese)
Master in Data Analytics (taught in English)
Master in Economics and Business Administration (taught in portuguese)
Master in Innovation Economics and Management (taught in portuguese)
Master in Human Resources Management (taught in portuguese)
Master in Environmental Economics and Management (taught in portuguese)
Master in International Business (taught in portuguese)
Master in Finance and Taxation (taught in portuguese)
Master in Sales Management (taught in portuguese)
Master in Services Management (taught in portuguese)
Master in Health Care Economics and Management (taught in portuguese)
Master in Marketing (taught in portuguese)

Doctoral Degrees

UPBE has 2 Doctoral programmes: a four-year PhD programme in Economics and a four-year PhD programme in Business and
Management Studies. Both PhDs are research-oriented programmes, targeted at graduates that wish to obtain a thorough advanced
theoretical and empirical knowledge in the fields of Economics and Management, and possibly pursue an academic career.
The programmes are also adequate to those that want to develop high-level capabilities in analysing complex problems required
to become senior analysts in business and public policy organizations.

Doctoral programme in Economics
Doctoral programme in Business and Management Studies

Postgraduate Programmes

UPBE offers a wide range of Postgraduate programmes in the fields of General Management and Strategy; Innovation and Digital Transformation; Communication, Marketing and Sales; Finance and Management Control; Operation and Projects; Talent, Leadership and Personal Development; Real Estate, Health and Tourism Management.

General Management and Strategy
Postgraduate Programme in Business Administration
Postgraduate Programme in International Business

Innovation and Digital Transformation
Postgraduate Programme in IT Management
Postgraduate Programme in Digital Business
Postgraduate Programme in Business Intelligence & Analytics
Postgraduate Programme The Executive MBI

Communication, Marketing and Sales
Postgraduate Programme in Business Comunications
Postgraduate Programme in Marketing Management
Postgraduate Programme in Sales Management

Finance and Management Control
Postgraduate Programme in Finance and Taxation
Postgraduate Programme in Financial Analysis
Postgraduate Programme in Management and Strategic Execution

Operations and Projects
Postgraduate Programme in Project Management
Postgraduate Programme in Operation Management

Talent, Leadership and Personal Development
Postgraduate Programme in People Management

Real Estate, Health and Tourism Management
Postgraduate Programme in Health Services Management and Administration
Postgraduate Programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management
Postgraduate Programme in Real Estate Management

MBA Programmes

Our MBA programmes are designed for executives/entrepreneurs who want to develop or strengthen their skills in management and gain a current and accurate vision of today’s business world.

The Executive MBA
The International MBA
The Digital MBA

Executive Education

The open executive programmes are flexible capacitation and specialisation solutions that promote the development of organisations and individuals in areas such as General Management and Strategy; People Management and Personal Development; Innovation and Digital Transformation; Marketing, Sales and Communication; Finance and Management Control; Operations and Projects and Sustainability.

General Management and Strategy
Advanced Management Programme
Sustainable Management
Value Based Pricing
International Week London
General Intensive Management Programme

Innovation and Digital Transformation
Digital Product Management

Communication, Marketing and Sales
Negotiation Toolkit
Customer Experience Design
Building Meaningful Brands

Finance and Management Control
Performance Assessment Management Control
Finance and Taxation
Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Key Performance Indicators
Financial Analysis
Management Control and Strategic Execution

Operations and Projects
Building Excellence in Operations
Procurement Management
Project Management
Facility Management
Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Talent, Leadership and Personal Development
New performance management models
Happiness and Performance
Maximizing Your Leadership Potential
Communicating with an Impact

Sustainable Project Management