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Volume 6, No. 1Visual Spaces of Change: photographic documentation of environmental transformations

Published 1 December 2021

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Issue description

Visual Spaces of Change defines the global theme for this cycle of Sophia which conveys the interest in promoting a critical analysis on how architecture photography, empowered by its leaning and artistic grounding, is as a projective tool of an interdisciplinary nature and an instrument of research and analysis.

This volume of Sophia - Visual Spaces Of Change: photographic documentation of environmental transformations - brings together photographers and researchers who make significant contributions to these discussions, including the material processes of creating, managing and interpreting sets of documents. We are presenting work where photography is explored as a significant research tool for critical and innovative views on architecture and urban transformation in their expanded fields and contextualized by larger systems: cultural, political, artistic, technical, and historical dimensions.

In this context, we were especially interested in proposals that were able to question how the different dimensions of architecture and urban transformation may be meaningfully understood or reframed through the different lenses and perspectives of visual processes.

ISSN 2183-8976 [Print] 2183-9468 [Online]

ISBN 978-989-53268-9-1
Volume 6, Issue 1 | Publication year: 2021

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