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Vol. 4 No. 1 (2019): Visual Spaces of Change: Unveiling the Publicness of Urban Space through Photography and Image

Photography on Architecture: Visual Spaces of Change - Unveiling the Transformation of Publicness




In a conference dedicated to photography and architecture it is logical that the photographer expounds his point of view. Just as historians, critics and curators do. Sometimes one feels the lack of other figures such as the collector and the gallery owner, that is to say the representatives of the so-called photography market, an area that influences the same image even if it is never admitted.

It seems to me that in the last twenty years the digital revolution has involved both architects and photographers, even if in different ways; the post-modern period ended at least in words, the architects have taken up (as is normal) to tap into history but in a very personal way, that is, without having to enlist in a movement. For their part, the photographers, after some initial hesitation, freed themselves from the urge to betray the mission entrusted to them by History, a subject very dear to the criticism that preaches rigor without understanding that today the photographer -man or woman - as a figure is changed, and comes from university studies and not from a dusty chemistry lab.

So, it happens that the only ones to comfort us on the continuity of a civilization are the writers who even though do may not construct a new grammar or invent new words, continue to write according to the ancient rules, mixing imagination and reality, as has always been done. If we listen to literary critics, it seems that for the moment the literature of the web has not yet been born nor has it therefore arrived in bookstores. So much so that if we were to compile a list of the true heroes of our time, there would be writers in first place, with all due of maitre à penser who enjoy sabotaging the systems with their foolish ideas.