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Introduction and Editorial

Vol. 2 No. 1 (2017): Crossing Borders, Shifting Boundaries: Photography and Architecture

Editorial: Architecture and Photography - old visions under new lights





In a way, we could consider that the main scaffolding of the theoretical discourse of architectural photography —particularly on what regards to the Modern Movement— has already been profiled by the specialized historians and researchers. International research projects promoted by several universities and also by museums, archives, and other private or public institutions worldwide are currently strengthening this historical and documentary corpus, on the one hand, but also working on some new parallel approaches and theories, on the other. In the context of the Porto School of Architecture, Scopio Network and its supportive research group CCRE, is leading an outstanding innovative academic, artistic and social dialogue and exchange.

As the On the Surface conference —held at the FAUP in September 2016— and its previous editions pointed out, the relationship between architecture and photography is no longer bound to the constrained negotiation between their respective disciplinary and autonomous discourse. Indeed, the international increasing interest on the analysis of this liaison underlines the importance of proving that the exploration has definitely crossed its borders and shifted the preexisting boundaries. The urban, social, or artistic approaches and implications, among others, were widely explored throughout the event. And yet, the program of the conference included a first panel devoted to, and still grounded on, the study of the substance of the subject matter: photography and architecture. The presence on the stage of three valuable speakers —Paolo Rosselli, Mariela Apollonio and Marco Iuliano— proved that a more open and multiple approach could be delivered, particularly on what regards the role of the photographer on this enterprise. A brief introduction and statement by the invited speakers led to a fruitful dialogue between them and the audience. Sophia Journal —another promising and outstanding initiative released by Scopio Network— has become now the context to publish a few updated texts from those who then addressed the attendees at the meeting.


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