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FAUP Announces the Release of Vol. 6 of Sophia Journal (Open access)

Vol. 6 of Sophia Journal Visual Spaces of Change: photographic documentation of environmental transformations published articles addressing the following global issues: How do we all become aware of the gradual, but inescapable changes in the environment? How does photography raise public awareness of the pressing environmental changes implicit in our anthropocentric epoch? How can photography contribute to these complex debates? These issues were addressed from several perspectives: from confronting our memories and understandings of a place to reactivating ‘what is no longer there’ or proposing ‘what could be there’.

This volume brings together photographers and researchers who make significant contributions to these discussions, including the material processes of creating, managing and interpreting sets of documents. We are publishing work where photography is explored as a significant research tool for critical and innovative views on architecture and urban transformation in their expanded fields and contextualized by larger systems: cultural, political, artistic, technical, and historical dimensions. In this context, the works which are presented in Sophia question how the different dimensions of architecture and urban transformation may be meaningfully understood or reframed through the different lenses and perspectives of visual processes.

Editorial Team
Wilfried Wang (UTSoA) Guest Editor
Jorge Marum (CIAUD-UBI)
Leonor Matos Silva (Dinâmia’CET, ISCTE-IUL)
Carolina Leite (CEAU / FAUP)
Carlos Machado e Moura (CEAU / FAUP)
Maria Neto (CEAU / FAUP - UBI)

Pedro Leão Neto