Gloriana’s Rule

Literature, Religion and Power in the Age of Elizabeth

ISBN-10: 972-8025-49-1
ISBN-13: 978-972-8025-49-6

Detalhes do livro:

Título: Gloriana's Rule
Editor(es): Rui Carvalho Homem, Fátima Vieira
Preço: 11€ 9.9€
Ano: January, 2006
Edição: 1.ª
Editora: U.Porto Press
Coleção: Outras Coleções
Série: Perspectives
ISBN-10: 972-8025-49-1
ISBN-13: 978-972-8025-49-6
Dimensões: 160 mm x 240 mm x 20 mm
Número de páginas: 220
Peso: 449 g
Língua: English
Tipo de Capa: Mole
Categoria: Literatura e Cultura > Estudos Críticos, História > História de Inglaterra


Gloriana´s Rule derives its title and contents from a specific event, an international conference organised by the Institute of English Studies (Universidade do Porto) in June 2003 to mark the four-hundredth anniversary of the death of Elizabeth I. But this inception does not entail that the volume´s rational and goals can be described as celebratory. Rather than embodying a panegyric, the present collection aims to contribute the ongoing interrogation of the myth of Gloriana, considered in its central representations as much as in some of the more peripheral forms ( in politics, language, and social practices) that have helped define the enduring cultural perception of an «Elizabethan golden age».