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Masters Degree in Metabolism - Biopathology and Experimental

The Master's Degree in Metabolism - Biopathology and Experimental (MBE) offered by FMUP equips students from different backgrounds with knowledge on the functional organisation and physiological regulation of the metabolism, the underlying mechanisms and related health problems, therapeutic targets, and the available methodologies for analysis. By the end of the course, students will have acquired a broad perspective of the biopathology of metabolic diseases, which will form the foundation of further study (doctoral and postdoctoral). This master’s degree is aimed at health care professionals working in fields related to metabolic disorders, providing them with specialised training to work in technical and research areas, as a scientific manager or as an organiser of scientific events.

Job Opportunities

Scientific research; Scientific entrepreneurship; Laboratory technician; Scientific management; Organisation of scientific events.



Registration n.ºR/A-Cr 114/2020 in Aug. 19, 2020


Date of publication of the accreditation decision: July 14, 2020

Validity of accreditation: 6 years

A3ES information
Aditional information
Logo da Unidade Organica
Faculty of Medicine
Type of Course
Masters Degree
4 Semesters / 120 ECTS
Tuition Fee (Full Tuition Fee)
Nacional: 1250.00€
International: 4500.00€
CPLP International: 2475.00€