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Master’s Degrees - List of Courses

Masters Degree in Teaching History in the 3rd cycle of Basic Education and in Secondary Education

The Master's Degree course in Teaching History offered by FLUP is a professional qualification for History teachers (Group 400), which aims to develop active learning methods and the skills and knowledge necessary for the use of digital resources and emerging technologies in History classes. The programme reveals the importance of a multicultural approach to History, based on inclusion and social and gender equality, in a frame of reference that is designed to promote the acquisition of skills that can be used to build a democratic culture.

Job Opportunities

Teaching; Scientific research; Publishing; Continuing education; Tourism activities; Cultural promotion

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Faculty of Arts
Type of Course
Masters Degree
4 Semesters / 120.0 ECTS
Annual Tuition Fee (Full Tuition Fee)
National: 697.00€
International: 3500.00€
CPLP International: 1925.00€



Registration n.ºR/A-Cr 155/2015/AL01 in Feb. 15, 2022


Date of publication of the accreditation decision: Oct. 20, 2021

Validity of accreditation: 6 years

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