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Masters Degree in Analytical, Clinical and Forensic Toxicology

The Master’s Degree course in Analytical, Clinical and Forensic Toxicology (MTACF) is aimed at students interested in obtaining detailed knowledge in the field of Analytical Toxicology applied to the Clinical and Forensic domains. Students acquire this knowledge through research or innovation activities or other activities dedicated to the further development of professional skills. By the end of the course, graduates will be qualified to work in research centres, chemical-biological analysis laboratories, hospitals and pharmacies, poison centres, in delegations of the Legal Medicine Institute, companies (regarding work safety or regulations) or as legal experts.

Job Opportunities

Research; Chemical-Biological Analysis; Analytical Toxicology.



Registration n.ºR/A-Ef 2721/2011/AL01 in May 25, 2018


Date of publication of the accreditation decision: Jan. 30, 2018

Validity of accreditation: 6 years

A3ES information
Aditional information
Logo da Unidade Organica
Faculty of Pharmacy
Type of Course
Masters Degree
4 Semesters / 120 ECTS
Tuition Fee (Full Tuition Fee)
Nacional: 1250.00€
International: 4500.00€