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Mindfulness in Health Contexts

The implementation of Mindfulness in Portugal is still at an early stage, which can be attributed to the lack of Mindfulness training in a university context. The growing demand for quality courses delivered by certified Portuguese Mindfulness professionals and the huge evolution of Mindfulness in the Anglo-Saxon world are solid arguments for the creation and consolidation of this type of training.

Given that health professionals are a population particularly subject to emotional stress and the high incidence of stress problems in this population, it justifies that the course is directed to this specific population and that it is done in an experiential perspective and directed towards clinical activity.

Job Opportunities

To acquire knowledge about Mindfulness as a concept, theory and methodology;
To understand the importance of personal practice so that Mindfulness can function as a daily experiential practice of personal development (and not only as an experimental or intervention technique);
To know the interventions based on Mindfulness that have been applied for decades in the Anglo-Saxon world, and later in other countries, and whose results are consolidated by scientific research
Be able to contextualize Mindfulness-based interventions in the context of psychological therapies
Know the neurobiological foundations of Mindfulness as well as the main lines of research around Mindfulness in Neuroscience
Be able to design, apply and evaluate Mindfulness-based intervention protocols in health care settings.

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Faculty of Medicine
Type of Course
Continuing Training Course
108 Hours / 4.0 ECTS