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The Bible. Book of Books III Esta formação não está ativa.

The Old Testament contains a set of books that are much less well known than the New Testament. However, its knowledge and symbology emerge in numerous cultural products, although its presence often goes unnoticed, due to this lack of knowledge.
Following the ¿Bible, Book of Books¿ 1 and 2 courses, we seek to study, through a transversal thematic perspective, some of the most significant books of the Ancient Testament for Western thought in the areas of Law, Justice and Worship ( Leviticus and Deuteronomy).
We consider the Book of Psalms as decisive for Western artistic thought, as well as the Books Judith and Tobias, which, through the ¿Midrash¿, associate the concept of folktales with the transmission of a certain wisdom. In turn, the Book of Wisdom, influenced by Greek culture, also opens up a sapiential horizon to Western culture.
It is intended that the study of the themes presented will allow to reveal the great anthropological lines of force of the Old Testament that have repercussions on the way in which Western thought configured the meaning of human existence.

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Continuing Training Unit
30 Hours / 4.0 ECTS

All the information presented relates to 2023/2024