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French (B2.1) - Intensive Course

Understand an interview, a radio report, a radio press review, a video clip on the media, explain and comment on an advertising campaign, explain his tastes and choices in the press and television, tell a story, understand articles, critical texts on the media, understanding a news item, writing articles, letters to react to an article, making a newspaper article. | Understanding a radio report on a culinary specialty, understanding an interview about a prop fashion, understanding a radio book review, understanding a news report on a fashion house, commenting on a fashion show, explaining fashion tastes and choices, interviewing Bobo on lifestyle, understanding articles, briefs, extracts of sociological essays on fashion, on the tribes, to understand comics on bobos, on the book crossing, write articles and briefs on fashion phenomena. | Understanding film reviews, the presentation of an exhibition, a micro-sidewalk on an architectural project, a report on an artist, understand a show on the story of a work of art, describe works of art, present a synopsis and a film review, compare 3 paintings on the same theme, give your opinion on art and the artist, on the relationship between old and new, understand an article on French cinema, a film review, an interview with a comics artist, a comic strip, make a presentation of a work of art, write a synopsis, a critique of a film, a comics critic, a letter to an artist.

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Faculty of Arts
Type of Course
Continuing Training Unit
60 Hours
Tuition Fee
National: 380.00€

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All the information presented relates to 2023/2024