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Lifelong Learning - List of Courses

Rush Game in Pharmaceutical Marketing Esta formação não está ativa.

This Continuing Education Unit is organised collaboratively under the EUGLOH Alliance ''European University for Global Health'' and is made up of five European Universities: the University of Porto, the University of Lund (Sweden), Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (Germany), the University of Szeged (Hungary) and the Université Paris-Saclay (France). This activity is innovative in that it consists of an online simulation focussed on marketing strategy for health products and medicines. Through game dynamics, the initiative aims to stimulate entrepreneurship, professional and language skills in the participating students, in an international environment (students from the five partner universities). The aim of this training is for students to develop the ability to assess the potential and viability of a business idea in the health/pharmaceutical area.

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Faculty of Pharmacy
Type of Course
EUGLOH Training Activity
32 Hours / 3.0 ECTS

All the information presented relates to 2023/2024