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Data Analysis and Exploration with R

Computer programming has become a recognized competitive asset in society and in the business world, as it allows a high degree of automation of different types of tasks, effectively reducing their costs and execution times. There is currently a high demand for professionals with knowledge in Data Analysis and Exploration, which far exceeds the supply. Furthermore, knowledge about Data Analysis and Exploration, and in particular the programming language R, is increasingly relevant in the performance of various professional activities, including science. The ¿Data Analysis and Exploration in R¿ course aims to contribute to reducing these gaps.

The choice of R as a programming language for Data Analysis and Exploration arises because it is considered a very versatile language in aiding data manipulation, analysis and visualization, currently being widely used in several domains. Among them, ¿Business Intelligence¿, decision support systems and computational learning. As a programming language designed to be used as a statistical tool, it is relatively accessible to everyone, being recognized as an excellent entry point into the world of Data Analysis and Exploration. Therefore, it is also highly requested by professionals who want to change their career.

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Faculty of Sciences
Type of Course
Continuing Training Unit
162 Hours / 6.0 ECTS