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Healthy, tasty and sustainable Gastronomy (3S Gastronomy)

This course aims to develop knowledge, skills and competences in the area of healthy, tasty and sustainable gastronomy:
- Understand the main recommendations for a healthy and sustainable diet;
- Identify and apply preventive measures to control contamination and microbial growth;
- Use healthy cooking techniques, applied to different cooking methods, taking into account the prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases;
- Create and implement healthy, sustainable and innovative recipes.

The training system will be b-learning, combining theoretical classes at a distance and practical classroom-laboratory classes, and will take place in 18 hours of contact, through 6 theoretical classes and 12 practical-laboratory classes. Theoretical classes will be synchronous on Tuesdays (e-learning) and laboratory practices on Mondays (at FCNAUP facilities).

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Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences
Type of Course
Continuing Training Unit
54 Hours / 2.0 ECTS
Tuition Fee
National: 165.00€
CPLP International: 165.00€

The values shown are indicative. For more information on tuition fees, see the link "Learn more".