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Lifelong Learning - List of Courses

Nutrition and Eating Behavior - Physiological foundations and human integration of the nutritionist-patient relationship

1. Understand and apply the knowledge acquired based on the physiological and psychological foundations of eating behavior;
2. Identify the clinical characteristics and know the diagnostic criteria for eating disorders and eating behavior;
3. Acquire and apply practical communication skills and nutritionist-patient relationship;
4. Know how to apply intervention and assessment models in a real work context, through the discussion of clinical cases.

The study plan consists of 56.5 contact hours, divided into 40.5 theoretical hours and 16 theoretical-practical hours. Theoretical-practical hours include distributed assessment and discussion of clinical cases used in the same assessment. 105.5 hours of autonomous study are planned, making a total of 162 hours.
The training will take place in asynchronous
and synchronous format.

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Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences
Type of Course
Continuing Training Unit
162 Hours / 6.0 ECTS
Tuition Fee
National: 435.00€
International: 435.00€

The values shown are indicative. For more information on tuition fees, see the link "Learn more".

All the information presented relates to 2023/2024