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Educational Innovation - What we do

As pioneers in the application of new technologies in the classroom context, we work everyday to offer our students an innovative and cutting-edge teaching. Find out what we are doing...

The University promotes ongoing reflection and knowledge sharing on the most innovative educational practices as a way to continuously improve the training it offers. The Educational Innovation Unit of the University of Porto works mainly with new technologies and audio-visual resources in search of creative solutions to the most pressing issues in the field.

We provide and oversee

  • educational activities and pedagogical training;
  • support for lecturers using audio-visual technology and resources;
  • participation in European projects in the field of educational innovation;
  • training, platform and licence management at U.Porto (Moodle.UP, PANOPTO, TURNITIN);
  • organisation of regular events to share educational practices;
  • innovative and creative educational practices.

More information

We also provide access to educational courses and modules on platforms such as Academia.UP.

Learn more: Academia.UP