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Bachelor's and Integrated Master’s Degrees - List of Courses

First Degree in Criminology

This pioneering course in Portugal offers you the opportunity to study the phenomenon of crime in depth. Drawing from the knowledge of other disciplines – Law, Behavioural Sciences, Statistics, Forensic Science, and more – and their respective methods, the Criminology course equips you with the tools to work in fields related to criminological analysis, criminal justice policy planning, the design and execution of prevention programmes, community intervention, mediation, consultancy, the development of social and crime policies, scientific research and teaching.

Job Opportunities

Law enforcement; prison system; social re-integration services and enforcement of measures and sentencing; educational centres for juvenile offenders; shelters for children and young people and victim support; various prevention programmes (institutional, schools, community projects) aimed at promoting prosocial behaviour among children and young people; drug addiction prevention and treatment projects; prevention projects in the areas of criminality and security; criminology research and teaching.

Logo da Unidade Organica
Faculty of Law
Type of Course
First Degree
8 Semesters / 240.0 ECTS
Mark of the last classified*

1ª Phase 174.4

2ª Phase 176.6

3ª Phase 178.4

Annual Tuition Fee (Full Tuition Fee)
National: 697.00€
International: 1925.00€

* Information only related to the National Call for Applications

All the information presented relates to 2023/2024

Registration and Accreditation


Date of publication of the accreditation decision: July 29, 2022

Validity of accreditation: 6 years

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