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Access Conditions

Medical Specialities, Nutrition and Psychology

All those enrolled in the academic year at the University of Porto (bachelor, master, integrated master and doctorate) are eligible.

Dental Medicine

Students pay a co-payment of 11 euros (eleven euros) for dental consultations, the remaining amount is covered by SASUP.

For surgery on unerupted teeth, the following prices are fixed:

  • Surgery of unerupted teeth - €60 (sixty euros);
  • Complicated exodontia - €30 (thirty euros);
  • Simple exodontia - €15 (fifteen euros).

Complex treatments requiring laboratory means or installation for general anaesthesia are excluded, namely:

  • Placement of prostheses;
  • Implants;
  • Orthodontic appliances;
  • Major surgery with general anaesthetic or sedation.

That is, always safeguarding the eventual need to carry out treatments that require a prior budget.

Sexual Health

The Sexual Health consultations are available to students and workers of the University of Porto.

Individual Consultations 1st Consultation Remaining Consultations

Scholarship Students U.Porto

0 €

0 €

Students U.Porto

20 €

15 €

Collaborators U.Porto

40 €

35 €

Couple and/or Family consultations 1st Consultation Remaining Consultations

Students U.Porto

30 €

25 €

Collaborators U.Porto

50 €

45 €